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The Photographer

Hi!  My name is Alishia and I am the photographer behind The Potter's Hand Photography.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, a pilot in the U.S. Army, and we have been blessed with three beautiful children.  They are my inspiration and my world.  I am a coffee fanatic. I love  dark chocolate and enjoy reading or painting in my spare time.  I am thankful to God, for the talent He has given me, to my husband for his patience, support and countless sandwich dinners endured without complaint and my kids who graciously help out with sessions and help me test equipment and continue to practice on them. 

How did I learn to be a photographer?  I think my journey began as the typical "mom with a camera" when my daughter was born in 2006.  I simply couldn't get enough of photographing her and her brothers.  Then, over a period of about 6 years, I spent any extra time I had learning the skills necessary to build my personal style and started The Potter's Hand Photography in February 2011.  I am so thankful for the numerous professionals that have so graciously shared their knowledge and time with me and helped me improve my skills.  Even today, photographers I admire still push me to raise the bar.  As a portrait artist, there never comes a time when you stop learning, and it's great to have people there to challenge and encourage you.  

Why do I love photography?  I love photography for the memories it creates and the creative outlet it provides for me.  This is so much more than just a job.  It is my passion.  I have an internal drive that motivates me to create images that will stir the soul and awaken the mind to a memory that may have been forgotten, if it hadn’t been captured through the lens.  It's an amazing feeling to know that I am preserving the essence of my children through photographs and creating memories for my family. Even more than that, I am so thankful that others trust me enough, and admire my work enough, to allow me to do the same for them.

My style?  Natural. Pure. Timeless.  I believe my photography style is best described as classically modern.  I have a small love affair with black and white portraits.  I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul and have an affinity for direct, soulful expressions.  When I edit in color, the images are warm, with deep contrast and vibrancy.  Occasionally I'll find the session that looks best processed similarly to film and then greens become soft and the image becomes lighter.  I prefer to catch moments as they happen and pose very minimally.  Families interact and the love they share shows in their images.  Kids run around and their smiles become contagious.  Babies remain pure and photography on neutral tones without props and allow for natural posing.