Monday, November 28, 2016
By The Potter's Hand Photography
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This beautiful family is soon to grow by one more little girl that promises to be just as precious as her 4 big sisters are! <3  

Meghann and Keoni, thank you so much for coming out and spending some time with me yesterday afternoon and allowing me to photograph your amazing family!  Your girls are such precious blessings and I cannot wait to meet the newest one soon!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! <3


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Tuesday, April 12, 2016
By The Potter's Hand Photography
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This beautiful family came out to my home studio this week to capture some moments together after Colin recently returned from an overseas deployment.  I first met Taylor and Caiden last year during this deployment, when we took some photos for him at Christmastime.  She was nice enough to contact me for family photos upon his return and it's the most amazing thing to see a family reunited that obviously has so much love for each!  Caiden was super sweet and really smiled for mom and dad, but the faces he gave me had me cracking up during the entire shoot!  He'd smile at me, but as soon as I put my camera up he'd go serious again and lift an eyebrow, like, "What's she doing?"  He was just adorable!!  Taylor and Colin, I hope you guys enjoy these images for many years to come!  I know I enjoyed every minute of taking them with you and look forward to working together again, soon! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2015
By The Potter's Hand Photography
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This summer The Potter's Hand Photography had the unique experience of participating in two traveling dress adventures!  The first was Miss Plum, whom I shot with my daughter one week prior to shooting Miss White (link to come later).  This dress is a gorgeous vintage all-lace wedding gown provided by a lovely lady named Beth, who picked it up at a local thrift store.  The gown is so tiny, I didn't have a model available for it, so a model call went out for petite ladies and I received an overwhelming response!  I will share a few images from each lovely lady!  This traveling dress was shot by quite a few professional photographers around the globe and you will find the link to the next adventure Miss White had at the end of my blog post.

The first model I shot was my own daughter, Lindsey, who is 9-years-old and certainly didn't fit the dress well.  However, she loved playing dressup in the gown and I challenged myself by shooting with the Lensbaby Composer Pro plus Edge 80 optic to blur certain aspects of the ill-fitting dress in-camera, rather than trying to create the blur in post. Blurring the dress while getting her face somewhat in focus was certainly a challenge--as anyone who has worked with the Lensbaby can probably attest.  I would swivel the composer all the way to one direction and then twist it and manually dial in focus where I wanted it. By doing so, I was able to capture some rather unique focus slicing with this lens and it helped to creatively style these images the way I envisioned them.  Enjoy!

My next lovely model was a young lady named Destiny and she's as beautiful as her name implies! <3  We had some fun with the Lensbaby as well and went downtown for a more urban setting after playing in the studio.  We shot this images right at midday so finding the right light and using buildings and bushes for shade was imperative to making these shots work.

Miss Isabel helped me create a fantastic studio portrait showcasing the entire dress and allowed me some fun shots outside battling some spotty daylight with a reflector:


Adrienne braved the mosquitoes in our wooded backyard and allowed me to get creative with the Lensbaby some more and we created a dark fairytale look:


And finally Mrs. Amanda came into the studio and we did some classic portraiture work and my little star kitten Brownie loved the dress and just layed there until we had her move:

To continue following Miss White's Adventure, please head over to my friend Kate Luber's Blog to see her fantastic high-fashion session with an elegant dancer! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
By The Potter's Hand Photography
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Challenged by a friend, I'll be posting images here for my 52-week project, feel free to follow along!

Week 1: Self Portrait


Week 2: Reflection

Friday, January 09, 2015
By Alishia
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It's 2015, and I'm going to try something new.  I'm going to blog.  At least once a month, on the 10th of each month, and I'll be sharing 10 images.  Now, I've never been very good at this whole blogging tends to get pushed the wayside when I've got other things to do, so even just this once a month post is going to be a challenge for me.  I'll try to make it entertaining, or at least give you a few nice pictures to glance at, and I hope you'll follow along with me and my fellow photographer friends that have volunteered to do a 10-on-10 as well, and enjoy our journey through this new year.  A link to one of my friends will follow at the bottom of this post and every 10-on-10 post from here on out.  

So, without further ado, please enjoy my favorite 10 images from 2014 as I begin this journey into blogging.

We started this year out preparing to leave South Korea, which was such a wondeful experience for our family!

My middle son, January of 2014                                                                Namdaemun Market


Our daughter got very sick with a stomach virus just a week before we were to leave South Korea and was admitted to the hospital.  She was released just 2 days before we were on a plane, headed back to the U.S.  I actually took these images with my iPhone 4s and then combined and edited them using editing software, so even though the quality isn't the best, it's still a favorite to capture this moment.

We arrived back in the U.S. just in time for spring and Easter:


May found us visiting friends in the South, on our way to Louisiana:


And the summertime was spent being thankful that we were stationed close to our family


Fall closed in quick and my oldest son celebrated his 13th birthday and thus began the busy season of family photos for the Christmas season.


My favorite image of the fall, a collaberation between my son (who was up above her dropping leaves into the frame) and my daughter who stood there gracefully waiting and trusting for me to get the shot:

Finally, this was a lens test fo the 105mm f/2 and the light in our new house...and I couldn't believe the shot that developed...moody and deep and one of my all-time favorites:


Please visit my uberly talented friend Irene's blog at, , and continue following the links at the bottom of her blog and each blog, to view work from other amazing photographers!  Here's to a wonderful start to this New Year!